Sunday, December 20, 2009


I have made the decision this morning to pull the plug on Day 2 of racing. While yesterday I knew I was sick my energy levels still felt good. Today is a different story. I am dragging, the congestion has arrived, and my ears are plugged. After placing 18th (Cdn) yesterday I would need at the least a top 10 today to have a shot at a World Cup start. I don't believe that is possible, especially if I wasn't able to achieve it yesterday. It's time to look forward to what is next on my race schedule and that is the skate sprint at US Nationals in 13 days. I am looking for a win there which will take my best effort. With a hard effort today I am worried I will knock the cold into my lungs which can take weeks to clear.

On a side note I am now on board with the Aussie Olympic squad as a wax tech for the Olympics. Off to Anchorage tomorrow.

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