Tuesday, December 22, 2009

I am....a skate sprinter!

Back in Anchorage for the holidays. I flew in with Kikkan last night who missed her connection in Seattle and joined me on my flight back to AK. We were greeted by a winter wonderland as the city has been blanketed in one and a half feet of fresh snow. Truly when Anchorage looks at its best. Here are a few shots of our house and the neighbourhood.

With the conclusion of the Olympic trials I now declare I am just a skate sprinter. Any racing I do from now on that isn't a skate sprint is just to get some racing in. Looking forward I have 3 skate sprints left this season. The first one is US Nationals Jan. 2, and then a sprint in Leinz, Germany Jan 22., and finally Canadian Nationals in mid March in Whitehorse. Skate sprinting in my opinion is the most pure and raw of the sprint techniques and hands down what I most enjoy.

I had a great easy one hour ski tonight on the Hillside trails here in Anchorage. In terms of night skiing few places can compare to that trail network perched up on the side of the Chugach Range foothills. From the high points on many for the trails' hills you can look out over the lit up sprawl of almost 300,000 Alaskans that make Anchorage home.

It's great to be back at sea level. Despite coming off a brief sickness I saw my lowest heart rate average for a workout by 15 beats in the last 3 weeks tonight. Looking forward to getting back into the proper training routine this week...after I make time for the important things....like putting up a Christmas tree.

Happy Holidays.

Santa's little helper.

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