Sunday, December 6, 2009

Rough Start

I am now back in Silver Star after a 5 hour drive back from Canmore. Fortunately for me I had a travel partner this time otherwise it would have been a long trip thinking about what went wrong yesterday. The short course was not my favourite, but my result I was not prepared for.

I am going to shave my beard off today. I associate it with not being focused and ready to race fast. Tomorrow is the start of the race week and it’s time to play all the psychological games I can to turn around my mental state. Yesterday has rattled my confidence. I know I am fit and I have big race results in me but the invincibility I have felt for about 6 weeks is gone. I felt it Friday pre-skiing the race course. I didn’t even do any "pre-race" intensity. In the weight room that night I had no spring – much like last season. I think I went too hard in the intervals mid week – I needed them but underestimated the recovery period at altitude. I also did 20 min of L3 (aerobic thresold) the day before, and I am pretty sure I let my heart rate get too high on my easy days. With all that in mind this will be a very easy and light intensity week. I am taking today off and possibly tomorrow. I don't actually know how I placed. I did qualify in 26th and I assume I finished in that range. I will update again in a few days as I get back to training.

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