Thursday, December 17, 2009

Canmore - Beauty of the Rockies

The count down is really on now. Just two days until the classic sprint Olympic trials. For the first time this season I have enjoyed a couple days of warm weather skiing. Daytime highs for the Canmore have hovered around 0c and will continue to be almost as warm through the weekend. The 1.8km sprint course is lightly covered with new snow on top of a solid base of man-made snow - this should make for very fast firm conditions come race day. I will be competing on this course in two separate sprint event Saturday and Sunday. The estimated time to complete the course is in the 4 min plus range. By far the longest "sprint" I have participated in. However, I am excited to race it, as there is a lot of classic stride sections which works in my favour. Anytime I can keep my legs involved the better! Below are a couple of pics from the neighbourhood I am staying in. Canmore is nothing if not scenic.

The view from the neighbourhood on the way to the Nordic Centre.

Walking down the lane way from visitor parking towards the condo.

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