Sunday, May 1, 2011

Part two

Back in Anchorage. Harsh reality arriving back to temps between 0-10c, and no palms trees, or warm ocean water. A few more pics from the trip.

The "boys" of the Upcountry Cycling group checking out group member Paul's new Nissan Leaf - a completely electric vehicle.
Out comes the owner's manual to understand how the thing works.
Rainbow Eucalyptus tree along the road from Twin Falls to Hana. The best ride of the trip.
Absolutely beautiful green and lush landscape led us all the way to Hana. 67 miles total ride (roughly 107 km round trip).
Kikk and JT strike a pose with the lush coastline in the background.
JT and Kikk cruising down the road. The camera just doesn't do it justice. We had wet roads on the way out. Got soaked in the rain storm but were dry by the time we got to Hana.
A historic landsmark stop at the Hasegawa General Store in a chance to refill the energy stores before riding back to Twin Falls.
We met up with Julia Mancuso and Aksel Lund Svindal on enroute. Julia is just hiding behind Aksel's big frame. Over 45 World Cup Alpine podiums between the two of them. Pretty cool.
After a post rid dip in at Twin Falls.

Trade winds were quite strong on the way back to Kihei after the ride.
Heading to the falls JT spotted a chameleon. Awesome little guy.
Riding halfway up the Haleakala Volcano. From JT's spot it would be 56 miles (90 km) round trip. 22 miles were straight climb.
We started out in the sun but Haleakala creates it's own weather and we road through the clouds on the way to the top.
Ah the glorious top. After 3hrs of climbing we reached the summit. Much to the shock of the many tourists who drove up!
10,000+ ft of elevation. And sunny.
Kikk all bundled up for the 22 miles of descent.
Ready to descend.
Drying out after getting caught in the rain from 8000 to 3500 ft of elevation.
JT (Janice Tower) put the hot tub on for us...didn't even bother to get out of my bike shorts!
Having fun with the under water camera.
Kikk enjoying the hot tub time after the chilly ride down.
Our last full day on Maui. Time to paddle board again. Kikk getting the hang of it.
Finally caught a small swell that was just building. Fun fun, all the way to shore.
Afternoon snorkel session at Honolu Bay. The walk in was pure least how I imagine it.
Love that underwater camera.
Heading towards the coral.
Just because we could.