Saturday, December 12, 2009

Race Day # 1

Tough start to the official racing season today. I have not seen a results sheet but heard that I was 41st. There are lot's of Americans in the race but not so many that my 41st place finish would have me in the top 11 Canadians - which I needed for a World Cup start in February. I took a risk this year going out on my own and I think I wasn't able to push myself hard enough at times. It took me 11km today (of 15km) to begin to race. For over the first half of the race I was in a world of hurt but very aware that I was not skiing fast. Fortunately in the final 3km I seemed to spark a bit and was at least able to challenge the race course.

I am again very disappointed with my result, but I have reminded myself that I didn't train for distance events this year. I feel quite good right now and I hoping this effort was what I needed to get my system going and I will have a great sprint day tomorrow. My skis ran very well today so unfortunately I can't look to them for answers! I am doing what I can now to recover and get ready for tomorrow's sprints.

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