Saturday, December 19, 2009

Day One in the books

After just squeaking into the heats today I was optimistic I could move up the results sheet. Confident that I had great skis and just needed to stay at the back and conserve energy and attack towards the end of the course I felt I could improve upon my 30th place qualifier. My quarterfinal heat went to plan and up the big climb I found a gear I wasn't sure was there and moved my way from 6th up to 4th. I chose to ease up a bit going into the big downhill into the finish and draft off Dan Roycroft who had moved back into 4th. However, once we got into the track and down the finishing hill I watched helplessly as Dan moved away from me. In the draft I should have been able to easily overtake him. I had to settle for 5th in my heat, not much you can do if the skis just aren't running fast. I chatted with my wax tech after the race and found out we had gone with 4 layers of wax on a pair of skis I can kick with just 2 or 3 layers. Such is life as I had great grip and was able to run back into good placing on the big climb but it cost me in the end with poor glide.

My cold has not progressed at all so I am optimistic I will be healthy enough to start tomorrow and get another chance to get it right with the skis. My body still feels great. I have great snap, and I am quick and strong (thanks Steve). My Olympic dream is definitely gone now but I think I will still have a great season and I am looking now to US Nationals as a chance to win my first ever National Championship.

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