Thursday, December 3, 2009

Anchorage to Whitehorse to SilverStar to Canmore to SilverStar

I swore I would never create my own here it is the blog spot that was never to exist. It's been quite a trip the last couple of weeks and I can't keep up with the pictures and the news. I started driving on Nov. 23 from Anchorage and in just over 12.5 hours I arrived at the home of the Lindsey family. Great people who put me up for 3days/4 nights just south of Whitehorse, YK. After three days of skiing on the local ski trails (site of the 2010 Cdn Champs), I started my journey south to Silver Star, BC - my final destination. After 14 hours of driving I arrived in Fort St. John, BC and grabbed a room in a roadside motel called "The Blue Belle". Sounded safe enough and they had camera surveillance on their parking lot so I felt safe leaving all my gear in the truck. The next day I finished the long haul with a 12 hour drive to Vernon, BC - and up to Silver Star from there. After 39 total hours of driving, 3700 km (2300miles - about 50 Buffalo, 9 moose, 3 herds of Elk, 1 herd of Caribou, 4 bald eagles, 3 foxes, a lynx, and two homemade platforms - I unloaded the truck. For two weeks Silver Star will be home as I prepare for the Olympic Trials in Canmore, AB on Dec. 18-19. I am however in Canmore right now for a few days to get a warm up race in. I was hoping to do the Olympic trials sprint course at a low key event but we will be sprinting on a modified course. I will be back in Silver Star Saturday night for a week of prep for the opening NorAms at Sovereign Lakes Dec. 12-13 (15 km skate, 1.3 km skate sprint). I have attached about 30 pics. Lots from inside the truck looking down the road. Tonnes of different landscapes and and skylines. Also there are some sunset shots from my hot tub in Silver Star and one shows the foot path down to the ski trails....groomed every morning. Truly an XC skiers paradise. More updates to come. I just realized I posted all the pictures in reverse order. They start with today's drive to Canmore and go backwards to my departure from Anchorage.

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