Saturday, December 19, 2009

Olympic Trials Update

Went to bed with a raw sore throat last night. Woke up with the same this morning and decided to go out and race as I now have nothing to lose. My skis were great. I went out strong but faded a slight bit towards the end but it was enough to qualify in 30th position and advance into the afternoon's heats. Many of the Americans have decided to only do the qualifier which will leave many heats with not all 6 competitors. The Olympic dream is no longer but my goal now today is to race for a Cdn World Cup spot for Canmore in early February. I am not sure I will be able to start tomorrows race if today's effort worsens my cold so I will put it all out there this afternoon and see what happens. My body feels great but my "red line" ceiling is a bit lower. But it is a long course so hopefully I can stay under and be strong at the finish. I will update once back later this aft.

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