Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Back to work....kind of.

After yesterday's unofficial day off we are were back at it today for the men's 15km classic. We had 4 athletes competing on a very challenging course, which many of the top ski teams blew the wax on. We hit the grip but may have suffered on the glide end a bit. The Finn's nailed it for the second day in a row. They had 4 in the top ten yesterday in the women's field and 3 in the top 10 today in the men's. Norway was strong again. Sweden, Canada, USA, Czech and Switzerland all missed it to varying degree today.

Tomorrow we have the men's team sprint. Ben and Callum will be taking to the start line for us. It will be a busy morning as we try to nail down the proper grip wax and have fast skis as well. Here's to Canada for a podium spot tomorrow!

The organizing committee decided to put a white (snow coloured) screen over the front of the small ski nations wax cabins....so they blend in, and did a fantastic job of obscuring our view of the stadium. After putting a small slit in the screen so we could look out we decided that we could just stand on our cabins and have VIP view of the races. That is the new Holmenkollen ski jump behind us. Impressive.
Once we stood for a while, chairs seemed a better idea...eventually a bench made it's way up as well.
Emerging on the bus from the tunnel under the ski jump. Ski jumpers silhouetted by the setting sun during an official training session.
Another shot of the jump.

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