Thursday, March 3, 2011

Picture day

Women's relay day. The stadium was shrouded in fog for most of today's racing but for moments blue sky and sunshine shown through. When it did it create a mystical setting as Norway's women's team destroyed the field. A few pics from the last two days and a video of Bjoergens finish.

Some of the cool architecture I took in while walking around while my clothes were washing.
A very old section of town where these 5-story apartments stretch on out of site. Feels like Prague or Paris.
The stadium disappearing into the fog.
Standing in the start area. Looking towards on of the main grandstands. The blue sky is just above us!
Ah ha. Sunshine! The ski jump rising above. That view lasted for about 5 minutes.
After having her skis ice up in the opening kilometer of the race and being dropped by the main pack. Kikkan skied her way back into the top 10. Coming into the exchange zone with Japan right behind.
Leaving the stadium. The stands were packed.

Bjoergen bringing it home for Norway's relay team. My footage is terrible but you can hear the noise. She skied down the homestretch with the Norwegian flag in hand.

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