Friday, March 11, 2011

Catching up

Unfortunately on this leg of my World Cup trip my computer and the Internet do not get along. This update comes via my iPod touch. It is Friday and day 4 in my education as team captain for the Australians. I remembered to confirm our team entries today for tomorrows 20km pursuit and Sundays classic sprint. The entries must be received two hours before the team captains meeting which occurs at 5 pm tonight. Aside from forgetting fill in the athletes nationality it was a smooth process. We have had three days in a row of different snow conditions. Which hasn't helped in my goal of narrowing possible skis from tomorrow. With it being a pursuit Callum and Ewan will both need a classic and skate pair ready with warm up skis. Ten centimeters of new wet snow fell over night and through the morning which made zeros (hairies) the best option for classic which made things easy for testing. But lows of -6c overnight will most likely take the zeros out and bring back in moister skis which keeps at least two pairs of skate and two pairs of classic in the mix for both guys. Yikes tomorrow will be a busy morning. Fortunately Finn spoke with the US team about giving me hand in his absence and they have been.

Over the past couple of days we have been doing some easy skiing around the golf course nearby. I found a great set of walking/running trails behind our accommodations. The trails are about 1.5th wide and solidly packed down. They ring around the many lakes close by and along the ridges between them. I feel like I am out in Cottage Country. Callum, Ewan an I joined the Canadian team for some bowling last night and tonight I will meet up with Kikkan for dinner. I think that is all to update right now. Unfortunately with the iPod I can't upload any of the pictures I have from the Oslo 50km or so far this week. Hope there aren't too many typos!

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