Thursday, March 17, 2011

Picture Post

Finally time to get a few more pictures up. I would love to put some up from yesterday but i don't want to rub in that I got to play 18 holes of golf in 25c (77f) degree weather. So I will just put winter skiing pics.

Kikkan locked up 3rd place overall in the World sprint standings yesterday after finishing 10th in the Stockholm sprints. She was just 7 pts behind Arianna Follis for second place. She is now in Falun, Sweden getting ready for the final three races of the World Cup season. Hoping to hold onto 10th place in the overall standings. Check out the action live at I believe they race at 1pm in Sweden and since they haven't switched to daylight savings yet there is only a 5 hr time change to Eastern Standard Time.

The feed station at the 3km mark on the 5km loop in the men's 50km. It was a zoo. Barely wide enough for two skiers with all the coaches and fans pressing in.
Guro our superstar attaché helping with the feeds as we have 4 guys in the race that day and of course they were skiing in pairs of two. Great shot of the crowds lining the course.
The view from our room in the Vaerumaki Sports Institute. Looks a lot of like Ontario.
Callum heading out for a ski. Just 100m from our hotel. Pretty sweet.
The wax man in a spacious room in Lahti, Finland. Just hoping the guys have good skis. Much more stressful when you are in charge.
Callum racing to the start of the men's 20km pursuit with both pairs of skis. Great shot of the three ski jumps in the back ground.
Start of the men's 20km pursuit climbing out of the stadium on one of the hardest 2.5 km loops I have ever skied.
The Finn's like their ski jumping. Massive crowds on Saturday night.
The jumps are sunset. Competition would be completed under the lights.
Kikkan in the red sprint leader bib on the right. Looking great out of the stadium. Unfortunately the skis were slow on the way back in.

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