Thursday, March 3, 2011

What a day!

Yesterday was quite a day all-a-round. Kikkan's energy has returned and put in a solid effort with Sadie Bjornsen in the women's classic sprint. They made it into the finals and skied strong despite what looked to be slow skis. The biggest moment of the day came with Alex Harvey out doubled Ola Vigen Hattestad of Norway to win Canada's first ever World Championship gold medal in the men's team sprint. The Norwegian fans have been incredible with Canada's victory. Many quotes in the morning papers were regarding that if Norway had to lose they were glad it was to Canada, and that it was good to see a non-Scandinavian country win (including their own nation). They are passionate, and Nationalistic ski fans, like Canadian Hockey fans but also incredibly gracious in defeat. This country impresses me more and more every day.

The Aussies had a great day. Ben and Callum finished up in 19th out of 26 teams and had rocket skis. Ben had the fastest split on the second leg of his relay heat, when he skied back into contact with the lead group. We even made Swiss Television because of how good his skis were. Marcus our Swiss tech was seen on TV helping Finn in the exchange zone work on the skis between legs and the Swiss commentator noted that.."What was the Swiss Ski team doing letting go of Marcus to work for the Aussie's, as the Aussie's had way better skis than the Swiss.".....shortly after that the commentator received a text message from the Swiss Ski Federation and it wasn't polite.

After the racing, I got to indulge in my new favourite fascination....riding Oslo public transport. I jumped on the bus, took it two stops walked two blocks and finally did laundry, which took all of 50 mins to wash and dry. Then took the bus back to the hotel, all in under 90 minutes.

Kikkan skis well, Canada wins, Aussie's are solid, and clean laundry = A great day. Now time to prepare for the men's relay tomorrow.

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