Saturday, March 5, 2011

Clear Skies!

Beautiful day today. Will let pictures tell the story, and a few from last nights awards ceremony where they estimated 100,000 people gathered to see Norway at gold medalists from the relay. They estimated that many today were in the stadium and lining the course for the women's 30km....and there will be more tomorrow for the men's 50km and clear skies as well.

That bright light in the back ground is close to the least about 300m away. My camera doesn't do it justice.
Looking the opposite direction. The wooden sheds are street vendors selling on the other side of them. There was Norway hotdogs, donuts, waffles, souvenirs, and Norwegian hats and scarves etc....and yes that is a large ice sculpture of a man and woman sharing a moment.
A very enthusiastic camp two hours before the women's race start. Ben and Callum.
Another shot of the tents that were everywhere. We came through about 45 min later and the edge of the trails were 5-8 people deep and roaring.
Mark skiing through the fans lining the track.
Left to right. Myself, Callum, Mark and Ben. Oslo is in the view behind us.
Callum and Ben just outside the stadium. Behind them is the large hill ski jump.
Our wax room top floor viewing platform. L to R Cam, and Duane.
Marcus and I.
Theresa Johaug the women's champion from Norway getting a flag for the final 500m. Pretty cool. She demolished the field.
The ski jump filling up for the final event of the championships. They expect over 70,000 to be on hand.

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