Sunday, February 27, 2011

Time for a day off

After 9 days of work tomorrow will be an unofficial rest day. Which will give me the opportunity to pick a prime location to watch Kikkan get back into action in the women's 10km classic. A great chance to put the fall in last Wednesday's sprint behind her. After two days of heavy, heavy fog the clouds lifted today, and this morning we had beautiful sunshine before it clouded in around mid-day.

A solid day for the 4 Aussies in the 30km pursuit competition today. Simbo was the only one to make it all the way to the finish without being pulled by the "lapping" rule. Callum almost made it out for his final lap but with the lead pack just 1:15 min behind him he was stopped from leaving the stadium. From the sounds of things grip was good and the skis were average to fast. So that for us is a good day in the wax cabin. Plus 3 Canadians in the top 15!

Marcus and I got to ski out to the 3km mark on the 5km classic course (raced 3x) to feed the athletes. We skied out with about 15 minutes to start. The course was lined everywhere people could stand. There was so much energy and anticipation, that they could not help but cheer us on as we passed by....and I am not talking hundreds of people but thousands. Incredible! Except that by the time I made it to the 3 km point I almost needed a feed as with all those cheering spectators, you couldn't help by put on your best technique and ski way to fast.

Lot's of photo's to help update the last couple of days.

Friday night team reception with the Australian Association of Norway. At the head office of Wilh Wilhelmsen's, the largest "roll-on-roll" (cars, tractors, trains etc.) shipping company in the World. Their largest boat can carry 8000 cars. D-Train doing his best Vanna White impersonation.
That is Wilh in the back left. He is the 4th generation CEO. His son just took over this year. The company was founded in 1861 in Tronberg, Norway and began business in Australia in the 1880's. Long history with the Aussies. He took us on a tour of the company's maritime shipping history. He is one of Norway's richest men. You could just tell the business man that he is. Very impressive.
One of the company's original boats. When steam began to replace the sail in the late 1800's, Wilh noted that those that embraced the steam engine survived and those that resisted went bankrupt.
A bit of relaxing back at the hotel before an early start the next morning. From left to right Dicko, Darlo, Duane and Marcus.
Two days of fog. Still thousands were on hand to watch in 20m visibility.
Sunrise over the stadium this least we can see the stadium today!
Sunshine this morning. Out testing grip wax on the 5km course. Stopped to take a pick of the traditional tents that are lining the courses.
The stadium and the surrounding hillside beginning to fill in. Still two hours to the start of the men's 30km pursuit.
The view from our wax cabin.
The race boys doing the final picks on their skis.

Marcus ready to feed infront of many Norwegian and some Swedish fans.
A view down the feed station. If you look really close you can just see a skier leaving the zone. It was a very hectic place when the lead pack came through.

Team photo.
One more photo while we are all still together. Nick leaves tomorrow and Ester the next day.
Kikk dropped by the cabin and a quick pic. Lot's of colour in this shot.

Norway's Petter Northug sprinting to victory infront of thousands of boisterous fans. Hope the video's sound does it justice. Quite to roar to hear live.

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