Monday, December 31, 2012

Swiss sunshine!!

We arrived late in evening last night in absolutely beautiful Val Müstair, Switzerland. Unfortunately our drive south from Oberhof was shrouded in darkness,and I am pretty sure the final two hours south of Munich, past Innsbruck, Austria into Italy and then popping in Switzerland would have been spectacular. The enjoyment of the drive was also heightened by the fact that the Audi I was in charge of driving didn't hit its until above twice the legal driving limit of most highways in North America...;-). I won't say the exact speed to save my mother a nights sleep. Once within about 50 km of our final stop we started to go through towns where the roads were definitely paved long after the homes were build. At times winding through the towns the street went down to a single lane and an almost 90 degree turn past the corner of the two storey stone building. Completely blind corners. Also, lot's of lit castles high up on the mountain side captured my imagination for when they were new! It is incredible to see this living history that far outreaches our lifetime in North America. Tomorrow will be the one and only sprint on this years Tour. I think Kikkan will win it. We will again pack up right after the race and head to Toblach, Italy for stages 4 and 5. Along with it being New Year's Eve (best wishes to all), it is also Kikkan's 30th birthday. Here are a few pictures for you from the race site this morning.

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