Sunday, December 2, 2012

Pack it up

The first two weeks in northern Scandinavia have absolutely flown by. Although at the same time my trip over here feels like a long time ago. I have just finished packing and will be headed to Quebec in the morning. Will be a pretty long day of travel. Kuusamo - Helsinki - Frankfurt - Toronto - Quebec City. But it will give me plenty of time to catch up on some sleep. The last two evenings I have been doing research in the local night club to study what happens when the quiet and reserved Finnish people mix with alcohol. I have come to the conclusion that they become the most unaggressive staggering drunks I have ever met. It's been a blast and I feel like the know the people better. It's been amazing how many Finns have a connection to Canada. Last night I met a guy who through a Rotary exchange in high school live in Owen Sound, Ontario (1 hr from where I grew up). Not exactly a hot bed for Scandinavian culture. Once he found out I was from the air he wanted to talk Canada all night. He is now the CEO of a company out of Helsinki that is a big sponsor of the Williams F1 racing team. Another Finn I met was born in Finland raised in Thunder Bay, worked in Scarborough and retired back to Finland. With Kikkan's racing success, the evolution of my job on a daily basis and a couple of nights on the town it's been a great trip to Northern Finland. I found out today that we are only 40km from the Russian border. My regular phone will be turned back on tomorrow and until Dec 23 I will be able to be reached if needed at 907.360.9653. Time for bed.

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