Friday, December 7, 2012


It is just 2hrs now until the start of the team sprint here in Quebec. I am sitting in the hotel across the street twiddling my thumbs while I wait for my new computer to downland the needed video editing program that I need. Not sure how I always end up with jobs that revolve around computers when I know so little about how to use them. Good thing I am married to someone who loves computers! I have to say that I am really impressed with the organization of the Quebec sprints. The organizing committee Gestev, are the ones that put on the Crashed Ice competitions in Niagara Falls, and here in Quebec as well as the Snowboard World Cups and Mtb World Championships twice in Quebec and the annual World Cup stop. They know events and are quick to learn about xc skiing of which they knew very little about. The course looks great, and now we just have to hope for spectators. Last night, for the third week in a row FIS has been invited to a opening dinner for dignitaries. This one was hosted by Gestev at the Quebec Parliament building. I missed the Quebec "Prime Minister's" speech.
We made sure to have a drink or two on the separatist budget. Again it is a value amount of social time. I had a great conversation with the Kazakhstan coach which will make for getting interviews with his athletes much easier down the road. However, that progress didn't stave off my headache this morning! Here is my view while I get ready for the races to begin today. Hopefully the computer on the right uploads this editing system in the next one hour before I have to head across the street to the finish area.

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