Thursday, November 29, 2012

Race time!

I mentioned in my first post that my job would constantly evolve and so would my role with it. That has turned out to be already true. Today I officially became the guy in front of the camera. We filmed with the large camera in the stadium where I interviewed the FIS Race Direct (my big boss), and then I had a follow up with Guri Hetland the head coach for the Swiss, and to top it off I had an in house interview with three of the big Norwegian sprinters, which wasn't so much a controlled interview as it was a "let's hit record and see what happens". The Norwegian piece was done with my little G12 camera as my computer won't play nice with the big camera which ruined most of today's work. However, I think that problem has been solved. The racing begins tomorrow at 11:30 am local time which is 7 hours ahead of East Coast time. It will be the qualification rounds. The elimination rounds will begin at 1:30pm (6:30 am EST). I think Kikkan is ready to win her first classic sprint....she actually hasn't been on the podium in a classic sprint but she is ready to win! I am off to the opening ceremonies dinner. Santa will be there, and reindeer is on the menu = ironic! Here is the video with the Norwegians.


  1. Hey Jeff, Great interviews behind the xc ski fence. I'm pretty sure there's a lot more to life than being really, really, ridiculously good looking. And glad to see you are finding out what that is. Keep up the good work dude.