Sunday, January 6, 2013


That was a long 9 days of the Tour de Ski and I am tired. Not tired like the athletes, my body is well rested but my mind is done. 3 countries, 4 locations, 7 races, over 1000km of driving, and with all the big bosses in town...lot's of networking in the evening. Another tough final climb for Kikkan today, but still a strong Tour overall. The races finished up today on Alpe Cermis. I think the total climb is something around 3 km up an alpine hill. Val di Fiemme where the past two days of racing occurred has been hit by a winter heat wave. Temps near 10c each day. We will be back here in 40 days for the World Championships. I am sure it will be just as busy but hopefully I will be able to see more of Cavalese. I have stayed here twice now and never seen the town except to drive to the race site. Again, this is another beautiful, historic part of the world.
The sunny side of the valley
The finish line for Stage 6 of the Tour de Ski and the upcoming World Championships
The media gets ready early.
My chariot for 9 days
The finish line at the top of Alpe Cermis

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