Friday, January 25, 2013

Les Saisies

Today is the US team's final full day in Les Saisies. Tomorrow they head to Zurich after a morning workout. I will follow the same route - but as mentioned in the last blog post - but continue on from Zurich to Munich. All booked for two nights in Munich which will give me one full day to check the city out before heading to Lindberg, Germany for a day and a half of skiing with a friend from the Arctic Circle race in 2009, and then Russia Wednesday. I forgot to mention earlier that Les Saisies was the host site for the cross-country races during the Albertville 1992 Olympics. Beautiful and challenging trails. Despite having almost daily sunshine I have taken very few pictures....and I think that is mostly because I was more concerned with surviving a week of skiing everyday! All the pics below I stole from Kikkan.
I learned from Les Rousses bonk after one hour to bring a drink belt with me! Yep, those are snow banks behind me along the trail because there is that much snow.
One of the nicer alpine views I have seen.
Aahh...downhill to the finish! Survived day two of 2+ hrs.
Just a little bit of snow in the area.
Kikk making it look easy.

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