Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Tour Wrap up et je parle francais!

The Tour is now 2 days behind. After 11 days of straight work today was a very restful day. We are now in Les Rousse, France. Our place is just 2 km from the Swiss border and 45 min from the Geneva airport. We arrived around 8:30pm last evening, to the surprise of the home owner, who thought we were arriving this morning...so what did he do...he invited us in for the best cheese fondue I have ever had, and easily some of the best red wine. Two bottles later, I left full, tired, and much more fluent in French than when we arrived. Great start to three weeks in France. I love to travel. Hotel hopping is fun. But I didn't realize how much I missed having a place to call "home" where we could do laundry, walk to the grocery store, and cook our own meals. C'est fantastique! Some images from the last few days:
The media mix zone at the top of the climb Sunday.
The street view from Kikk's hotel in Predazzo, Italy. Love the old with the new.
The US Ski team hotel in Predazzo.
My computer (closest to me) amongst many in the sub media center at the top of the final climb.
The morning view from my hotel in Cavalese during the Tour.
Our chariot for the next few weeks.

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