Monday, December 27, 2010

Postcard day in Davos

Clear skies overnight brought not just postcard quality pictures but frigid morning temperatures around -18c. Thankfully the Central European sun provided not just great photo opportunities but warmth!

It was Kikk's final interval training day before we leave for Oberhof, Germany on Wednesday, where the Tour de Ski will begin Friday. Despite applying binder pre-workout, after about 75 min of skiing only half the ski's grip zone still held any wax. Being the World Cup wax tech that I am I planned ahead and brought more grip wax with us and left the cork back at our apartment.....

Warm river temps left an icy fog over the low lying trails that parallel the town of Davos. At times it was hard to find the classic tracks, and see on coming skiers.
Known as the "sunny valley", the Dishma Trailway was full of skiers taking advantage of the perfect grooming and beautiful scenery. Up the middle of the valley is a two-way classic track with skate tracks heading down each side.

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