Tuesday, December 28, 2010

The Good Old Hockey Game

As per usual my procrastination has left me (almost) empty handed. As luck would have it I am in Davos while the Spengler Cup is being played. Team Canada's second round game was against hometown club HC Davos, and of course I waited to try and get tickets until 3 hrs beforehand....not a chance, SOLD OUT. The energy around the rink was contagious as Kikkan and I walked through endless hockey fans sporting their teams jerseys tied around their waists.

Canada is the only "national" team present at the tournament of 6 teams. Switzerland has two club teams present, as does Russia (from the KHL), and one from the Czech Rep. All but one of the Canadian players play in the Swiss league. The Spengler Cup draws hockey fans from across Switzerland, many wearing the Canadian team colours as they cheer for Canadian players from various Swiss club teams. I don't recall actually hearing an english voice from any person I saw wearing the Maple leaf.

An interesting fact I learned is that the Spengler Cup began in 1923 and was won by a team from Oxford. A team made up mostly of Canadians studying at the British University, with a future Canadian Prime Minister by the name of Lester B. Pearson on the roster. An official team from Canada didn't enter the tournament until 1984.

I am now the proud owner of an official Spengler Cup Team Canada jersey. Bring on the Anchorage co-ed hockey league! Below, Kikkan and I fit in a bit of last minute shopping on the main street of Davos but stop for a picture in my World Cup Ski AK hoodie. I promised a picture from each ski venue I visit on this 5 week trip.

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