Monday, December 20, 2010

Back on the Road!

As the 2010/11 ski racing season has begun, I again find myself living out of the duffle bag, and catching trains, planes and automobiles. As a result I felt it was a good time to fire up the blog to keep everyone interested up to date.

Although I am no longer a racer I find myself back in Europe gearing up to work with the Aussies and experience a Swiss Christmas with Kikkan and some of her US Ski teammates in Davos.

Before arriving in Davos, I left a frigid Anchorage for a snow buried Collingwood, Ontario to visit family and friends for an early Christmas.

Mom and Dad's new dinning room with Sis, Rob and Pat, and Aunty Judy and Uncle Tom.
Opening night skiing at Blue Mtn in Collingwood. Some beer and wings to refuel with Paul and Kev at Windy O'Neils.
Searching out enough space to make a few turns in the 4-5 ft of powder at Blue! This pic was taken just seconds before Paul double ejected from his skis and sunked in "ski free" to his waist.....sorry Paul.

Above is the view that I have to now deal with as I head out with Kikkan skiing each day. We will be in Davos until Dec. 29. On the 29th Kikk and I will board a train to Oberhof, Germany to get ready for the Tour de Ski that will begin on Dec. 31.

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