Friday, February 5, 2010

You can't fake World Class

Eleven years ago after competing at the 1999 World Track and Field Championships, I told myself I that I never wanted to race at that level again unless I belonged there. That same thought holds true today as I competed in my first ever World Cup ski event. In all accounts it was an embarrassing performance on my part. I have not skied well at a National level this season and rightly fully so I wasn't even competitive today on one of the World's toughest 15km courses against a field that is peaking for the Olympics which begin in just over a week.

Getting a World Cup start should bring with it such a feeling of accomplishment. That all the hard years of training have finally paid off. To be completely honest this might be one of the emptiest moments in my athletic career. I finished 76 out of 78 competitors and I am relieved that the moment has come to pass.

It's time now to put on my wax tech bib on for the Aussies, and get back to enjoying the World Cup atmosphere in beautiful Canmore.

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