Monday, February 1, 2010

World Cup start?

When I stepped off the plane from Norway on Tuesday evening (last week), it marked the end of my racing season and the beginning of my role as a wax technician for Australia. I have spent the best part of 4 days now in Silver Star training with the team trying to keep up with Ben Sim. Normally I wouldn't begin to ski so hard this early up at altitude (I learned that lesson from before Christmas), but now that I am just a wax tech I have nothing to lose. My role is to make sure these guys are at their best come the Olympics....or so I thought.

As I went to bed last night I checked my email to find that I had been offered a start spot in the Canadian Nations group allotment for this Friday's Canmore World Cup. Ironically enough the start will be in the 15km skate and not the sprint.

I have been carefree for the past few days about proper hydration, nutrition, rest etc. Now my mind is a whirl of thoughts about how to help out the Aussie's as my job requires, help do my part to get the Ski Traxx system up and running ( and race my best at my first ever World Cup.

I am going to jump into intervals with Simbo today (and will wear a heart rate monitor for the first time in 3 weeks), and head over with the team tomorrow to Canmore.

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