Thursday, February 4, 2010

Canmore World Cups 2010

It is race night here in Canmore and I am still trying to wrap my brain around the fact that I am staying with the US Ski Team, having my race skis prepared by Australia, and starting my first World Cup for Canada. Does that make me a multinational?

The weather is beautiful in Canmore and the race course is in perfect condition. I tested skis with Australian Ben Sim today and fit in my own little race prep on the course. This has been the site of a couple of good 15km skates for me, so I hope I can repeat tomorrow.

The irony of tomorrow's race start continues to be amusing and frustrating all at once. For three years I have tried to get a World Cup start. For the past two years I have watched from the sidelines knowing I should be out there racing. This year I knew I wasn't in the shape required to race at that level and was content to watch and help make sure the Aussies had skis that didn't limit their potential. Of all the years this is the one that I get a World Cup selection....crazy.

It's been 10 years since I last represented Canada at the World level. Not since August 2000 in Monterrey, Mexico have I raced in the Canadian colours. The weather was much difference as well as the event. To add to the irony of my ski experience I am starting the 15km skate race tomorrow but not the sprint event on Saturday that I trained for most of the off-season. Although I don't expect any miracles it is always an honour to represent Canada and I am excited for the opportunity again.

In other exciting news the online store at is now live and ready for orders!

View from the hotel in Camore.

Columbia Icefield Tour Bus driving over an unsuspecting Australian named Darlo.

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  1. Which ever way you slice it we had two Mono Nordic guys on the start line of a World Cup and they were both on TV. (Could be 3 if you count Brooke). It's a good reason to keep working High School events and Ontario Cups because they are the starting point to take on the world. Best of luck with skis at Whistler. I'd use my crowns for classic!
    Al White