Thursday, November 20, 2014

The adventure begins again

And the European adventure begins again.  Although it feels less like an adventure and more like returning from a long summer vacation.  It's good to be back in Europe.  The alps are still beautiful and the north is already shrouded in winter and it's expected darkness.  I have finally arrived in one place where we will stay for more than one day, it will be 5 days to be exact.  After 5 days of travel that included 5 flights, two train rides and one short van trip that took us from Anchorage - Zurich - Oberhoffen - Zurich - Helsinki - Muonio, I can finally open my bags because I won't be closing them back up tomorrow morning.

I have been awake since 4 am with jet lag and it is now 3 pm in the afternoon and we are getting ready to go for our first ski with head lights.

I will rejoin my FIS colleagues next Wednesday in Ruka, Finland about a 5 hour drive from here in Muonio and the World Cup will begin Nov 29-30.  Muonio is very close to Levi, Finland along the Swedish border where the second stop of the FIS Alpine tour competed last weekend.

Here are a few pictures from the past few days since leaving AK.

Back at the Airport Hilton in Zurich.  Lunch before we started our train ride to Oberhoffen. 

 Somebody is feeling the jet lag.

View from the hotel in Oberhoffen.  Now I know why the FIS office is here. Beautiful!

Yoko ski pole photo shoot in Helsinki

Feels like winter with one of the National team wax trucks here in Muonio.  Nine countries have them now.  

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