Thursday, November 27, 2014

It's World Cup time

I arrived at the first World Cup site two days ago.  We were treated to clearing skies for a few hours today while the sun was just above the horizon.  It's an exciting time for me right now.  We have partnered with a film company to make 10 high quality behind the scenes videos this season.  They will all come out under the "Inside the Fence" brand :)

Here is a link to an Alpine version.  Same company for us but we lack a sponsor so we can film anything!  We took lots of drone footage today and it will offer a perspective that few have ever seen from the Ruka venue....and they are going to teach me how to use it.  Can't wait.  Here are some pictures from the mtn side we hiked across to launch the drone.  We rode the ski jump chairlift to the top and then walked off into the trees.  Did I mention that I am excited about this project???  Well I am.  We will have the first video ready this weekend.  I will post the link.
Some images from the little adventure today.

Sunshine catching the top of the ski jump.  No way I would ever ski down and off that thing.

My view from lunch yesterday around 2 pm.  The fog returned and you can already feel the darkness coming.  But that doesn't deter some hardy alpine skiers. 

 If you look closely you can see Anchorage at the top of the picture.  This is a map at the Rovaniemi airport.  It would have been so much faster to just take one flight directly over from Anchorage!  Now I know why the 11 hr time change feels like it does.  We are literally around the World.

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