Friday, December 6, 2013

Lillehammer...Week 3

There is no good reason why it takes me more than a week to post some update photo's. Now I know why the athletes we request interviews from in email form take two weeks to reply. I am now in Lillehammer, Norway. The site of the 1994 Winter Olympic Games. It's incredible to think that a town of 40,000 people were able to host an Olympic Games when you see the magnitude of what the Olympics has become today. It's been quite special here as Vegard Ulvang and Silvio Fauner are both present. For those that don't know one of (if not the greatest) biggest upsets in cross-country ski racing occurred here at the 1994 Games. When the legend Bjorn Daehlie of Norway was out sprinted on homestretch in front of over 100,000 Norwegian fans by a young Silvio Fauner of Italy in the men's 4 x 10km relay. It wasn't even a race that was suppose to be close. NBC did a special on it years later called the Great Race. So now I am here with both Vegard who skied the second leg for the Norwegians and Silvio who shocked and silenced a nation. I will get a picture tomorrow with Silvio, Vegard and Bjorn. Great history for the sport. But after a great week in Kuusamo, Finland I have been here in Norway now for 5 days. When I arrived on Monday it was green grass everywhere and only man-made snow on the race courses. Yesterday a storm brought 15-20 cm of snow so it looks again like winter.

More pictures to come.  Off to Davos, Switzerland on Monday where we will have an apartment for one month.  The World Cup stops there in one week, and family arrives next Thursday.  Nice to set my bags down and do some laundry!
With the end of ended Movember
View from my desk at Ruka stadium in Finland

View from my desk in Lillehammer.  Before the snow.
View during the snowstorm
Dinner with the Italian team....of course they bring their own wine.

Yep a real reindeer in the cabin in Finland.  
Always a pleasure to meet Mr and Mrs Claus.  Especially in Lapland.

Beautiful run down from stadium to hotel in Lillehammer.
Also on the run down. No snow but a frozen waterfall.  Looks like northern Ontario
Classic lounge room in the hotel in Norway.  The rat pack would have liked it. I will have a beer here before we leave!
Over two weeks on the road and it's laundry time in the bathroom sink.  Laundromats are a foreign concept in many of these countries. 

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