Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Davos Life

Wow, where did another two weeks go?  Already three World Cup weekends gone and tomorrow I drive to the 4th location of Asiago, Italy and then its Christmas.

Speaking of Christmas we just had an early one here in Davos, Switzerland.  My parents and aunt and uncle arrived last week to watch Kikk in the World Cups here and get in an early Christmas.  We won't make it home this year.  Mother nature was kind and held blue sky in place until this morning, the morning I put the family on the train to Zurich.  If all went well - and they managed to make the two train transfers with suitcases in tow - they are now somewhere over the Atlantic.  Great visit.  I think I will let the pictures tell the full story. Even if they are out of order.

                                                             The Ellis' at Sertig.
                            A little fondue never hurt anyone....but did make for some full bellies!
                                  This one is for you Paul.  Never too much wood on the walls.
                                                             Love the old rustic look.  
                                     Driving to the alps from Munich.  Speed to be kept secret.
                               My train stop from three weeks earlier from the other direction.
      US Ski team enjoying the beautiful Davos sunshine after three weeks in Northern Scandinavia
                         Raw wood cuts on the ceiling in our apartment in Davos...again for you Paul
 Nice view from Anna & Emil's apartment towards the World Cup stadium.  The new one is worth 5 million euro.
                                  Wax trucks have arrived. Love the artwork.  Canada is behind the road sign
                 Family pic in front of the "Golden Egg" hotel.  Almost open.  Can't guess at a room price.
                             Finish line view before Saturday's World Cup.  Sunshin is coming.
          Hockey night in Davos.  Most beautiful rink I have ever been in.  And an entertaining fan.
 Fastest hockey I have watched.  Clean and skilled.  With the atmosphere of a Euro soccer match.
                            Just after Kikk and Marit Bjorgen when to the line in a photo finish.
                                                   "....did you hear about the time when...."
                       Alpine day with the family.  Taking the train up the mountain to the top.
                                                Looking back down to Davos from the train.
                                   Our lunch destination above the clouds...if there were clouds.
                          Coming back down to town at the end of the day. Can just see the "egg" to the left.
                 Looky looky what arrived in the mail.  Beauty ride around the town lake.  Lot's of looks!

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