Monday, February 11, 2013

Vilnius, Lithuania

I have just returned from a whirlwind trip to Vilnius, Lithuania to see Kestutis Celiesius (UNC teammate/roommate). We met almost 14 years ago at university and only met up once since graduation in 2002. I arrived Friday at 8 pm in Vilnius after taking three trains from Davos to Zurich, arriving in Zurich to learn that I booked a ticket for a week later. So after paying three times the original price I was off to Vilnius via Riga, Latvia. After saying our hello's we went to dinner at a Mexican restaurant....yep Mexican in Lithuania. Then we were off to the downtown area for drinks with childhood friends of Kestas. Before we arrived he said that tonight would not be a long night and Saturday would be longer.... I didn't realize that longer meant 6:30am. I am still paying for that evening today as I arrived back in Davos last night just before 11 pm. The three train rides were a bit of a concern on the way back as I could hardly stay awake and I was sure I was going to fall asleep and miss my stops. Once I arrived at the train station in Davos I walked for about 15 minutes until I found the apartment of Emil Joensson and Anna Haag, who were kind enough to let me crash at their place for the night. They were away at a Swedish team training camp. My arrival in the dark was a bit difficult but I managed to find the right place on first try.
Kestas and I watching our roommate Liam in his film Textuality
Breakfast Lithuanian style
Kestas indoor track. Masters throwing competition going on. Standing chest pass with a kettle bell. Big big guys.
The biggest guy. Alekna! Two-time Olympic champion. What a giant, and nice guy.
Little boutique coffee shops all hidden amongst these narrow streets
Panorama view from the historic castle overlooking the city
Mardi Gras of Vilnius. The big day will be Tuesday but the activities began Saturday.
Big K with Big V.

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