Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Davos - Val di Fiemme

After my quick trip to Lithuania I spent the next week in Davos, Switzerland. I think each blog post I have probably claimed a new favourite place. But I can say now without a doubt Davos is my favourite. The mountain views, the town, the trail accessibility and the trails themselves all come together to make the perfect ski town. Having said that unless we win the lottery we will never be able to afford living there. However, for a couple weeks a year one can dream. The skiing was great and I am starting to feel fit again. Even though there are 6 weeks left of World Cup it feels like we are on the homestretch. After the World Champs I will go straight to Finland then to Norway and Sweden and that is where things wrap up March 24. Wow it's gone fast. I am now in Val di Fiemme, Italy just two days from the start of the FIS World Nordic Ski Championships. We were here with the Tour de Ski just 6 weeks ago. Even though for the most part it is all the same top athletes that I see week in and week out on the World Cup, the World Championships is an entirely different beast. More total athletes and a countless increase in the media attention. I found myself in an interesting place here now. Despite the fact that I work for the governing Federation, and we are on the World Cup every week we find ourselves in almost an outsider role. Lot's of egos have arrived and have decided how things are going to go. It has just been amazing for me to see how this side of the ski championship business works. As a very small fish I am really just a spectator during these championships. I'll stop there.... Pics from the last couple of weeks: Our apartment for 4 days in Davos Valentines day at the Klatsch coffee house with Kikkanimal A little music at the Kulm Hotel Afternoon of work with the FIS Mag guys putting the stadium banners up. Nice to do some manual labour. A relaxing evening of meetings with the FIS crew....actually I like the wall mounted fireplace and stone work. Just couldn't resist taking a pic of the port-a-pot. The Schumacher boys forerunning the Davos World Cup course (Rudy and Gus from the left of the pic). Tough day Kikk with Anna Haag of Sweden. We will be back to visit in June. Davos knows how to watch a World Cup The homestretch....man those banners look good. Yeah that's what happiness/craziness looks like together when getting to drive Emil J├Ânsson's R8 Audi Cool as...

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