Monday, January 12, 2015

Tour de Ski is a wrap

The 9th edition of the Tour de Ski wrapped up yesterday here in Val di Fiemme, Italy.  The overall Tour consisted of 7 races in 9 days spread over 4 competition venues in 3 different countries.  It began on Jan. 3 in Oberstdorf, Germany then moved to Val Mustair, Switzerland to Toblach, Italy and finished in Val di Fiemme.  This is my 5th trip to Val di Fiemme.  The most of any of the World Cup venues I have visited since starting my FIS job two and half season ago.  This is such a beautiful valley mixed perfectly with old world villages and the roads that connect them.

There have been a lot of different hotel rooms in the past 10 days and it will continue now for 3 more. Kikkan has been struggling to find her racing groove and has headed home for some recovery and a recharge.  This changed my travel plans and I am now staying here in Val di Fiemme for two extra nights, and then off to a colleagues Tuesday and then to Munich Wednesday before flying to Tallinn, Estonia Thursday.  I have not yet been to the World Cups in Otepaa, Estonia but have heard about the great atmosphere.  So I am looking forward to the trip.  From there it's off to Russia next week.  I'll wait for an update on that.

Here are a collection of images from the past 10 days.

During Tour stage 4, 5, 6 we had a live stream program.   Kikkan was the first guest.  Not sure if you can see the screen on the laptop but it looks like the Sportscenter studio but you can see where Kikkan and Kjell-Erik are actually sitting.   

We had a nice dinner at the base of the Oberstdorf ski jump hill.  Couldn't help but take a picture from the opening ceremonies from World Champs in the 90's.  

Val (valley) Mustair has a population of about 1500.  450 people volunteered with the hosting of the World Cup stage.  Most were at this dinner.  Pretty impressive.  

A view from the office as the sun crept it's way down the valley wall.

It wasn't the biggest room I have ever had in Toblach, Italy. Two years ago I had a suite so I guess it's karma balancing things out. 

Beautiful view from the main street in Toblach.

Sunset over the stadium in Val di Fiemme.

Filming a new Inside the Fence with Maurice Manificat of France.  We are on the side of Alpe Cermis, the final climb of the Tour. 

I just love this old house.  The more I looked at it the more I saw.  It really felt like it had grown from the ground or at least was solidly apart of it.  

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